About Us


I am a chai tea enthusiast and as long as I can remember, chai has been a part of my life. I have enjoyed chai teas at festivals, weddings, tea parties and during my travels as well.

I started blending my own chai teas at home using premium teas, spices, herbs, fruits and flowers because I wanted to drink good quality chai teas which did not have any artificial ingredients but where there was no compromise on taste. Some of the tea blends come straight out of my family recipe book, perfected over generations. The results were awesome! My family and friends loved these blends but the best part was that I was using natural ingredients, fully aware of their positive effect on overall goodness and well being. 

Sometimes the inspiration for a chai tea blend came from the most unlikeliest of places. When my daughters were very young, they were always fascinated when they saw Mama and Daddy drinking chai in the mornings. However for an 8 year old and a 3 year old, a full bodied masala chai would have been too spicy! So, I decided to make a chai blend for the girls. I made it mildly spicy with just a little bite but lots of delicious flavour, using a very malty Assam black tea as its base and our Beginner's Luck Chai blend came into existence. I love this blend not only because it brings back so many happy memories but also because it was my first step towards making my own chai tea blends.

​Thank you for enjoying our chai tea blends and also for sharing our values!

Reema :)